Back on the horse!

23 Feb

Now that the pity party, the kids TV shows and my flu bug is over, I have been able to get back to things! First on the agenda was learning to sew handles onto tote bags. I know the stitching is not neat, I’m hoping that will come with time, but I am very pleased with how these came out.


The blue squares one is made out of a shower curtain, I wanted something I could wipe clean and would stand up to getting wet. The handles on that one are made out of belt webbing I to get from work as the belt buckles were faulty. It’s nice and soft and flexible and will work fantastically! The only issue with that one is if the seams on the bag will hold up with it being a plastic material, I used a zig-zag stitch (I really should learn the name of the different stitches!) So hopefully it will hold up.
The smaller one is made out of a restaurant napkin, folded in half and a little cut on the bottom to make it shallower. Now this one I am pleased with! It’s just big enough for a few bits and pieces around the outdoor pool in summer at my gym. The handles on that one are made from a cotton ribbon that I kept from a towel bale I got once. I’m such a hoarder for things like that!
So that’s the sewing machine dusted off, but I’m not quite up to hitting the gym properly yet. So baby steps, today I’m off to spend some time in the thermal rooms, mainly the salt cave, to clear out my sinuses and then we shall take things from there!

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