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Well, this is embrassing!

Well that didn’t last long did it? One month with next to no activity except a few sporadic gym (aka sauna) visits and a little bit of half-hearted sewing. I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me! Where does the time even go?

I nearly killed myself this morning diving back into the gym with a 30 minute class which was very helpfully called “Insanity”. It is called that for a reason it seems!!! I saw a video that my gym posted of that class and thought it looked good. High energy but no complex moves. I could never keep up with the steps in Zumba and always ended up tripping over my feet!

I left after 15 minutes.

I felt dizzy and light headed and a bit sick to be honest. I stood to the back of the class for a moment but realised that I would not be able to get back into it so I ran. I was shaking and felt like crying, I ended up sat on the floor of the changing rooms with my back against the cold stone wall and that felt like the best place ever!!! When I finally stood up I still felt shaky so I went for a dip in the wellness pool and read my kindle (The a waterproof cover I got from Ebay for about £3 is the best thing I have ever purchased!).

Someone once said “Defeat is a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

Well, I’m not going to give up. Maybe that class is a bit much for me. I do, after all, have zero upper body strength and next to no stamina (I’m much more of a sprinter than a distance runner) so my plan is to contact the instructor who took that class and ask for her recommendations of something a little less… insane. I do really need to book a personal training session to get some form of routine set but I will tackle that one another day.

I guess national gyms make their money this way, with people signing up for long contracts and then never seeing them again. I did that with one large national gym which we shall not talk about but I do not want to be doing that with the gym I am with now. Unfortunately, it seems that wanting to stick with this is simply not good enough…

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