The day of St valentine.

Today I feel like the only one in the world who doesn’t give a stuff about today being valentines day. A day when the world seems intent on making you feel like you can’t be happy without someone to buy a box of flowers for you.
Today I had a wonderful pamper session courtesy of the spa at my gym. A wonderful mud and steam treatment that has left my skin singing! It was a wonderful end to a stressful week. I even managed to have a bit of fun and only slightly at the expense of a total stranger.
I was sitting in the bar at the spa, gazing out of the window when I heard a man talking to one of the spa girls.
“Oh no, just booking a treatment for later” he said, “it can’t be much fun on your own, especially on valentines day!”
Well, having just got up to get a drink of citrus infused water (from a jug with bits of orange and lime floated in it) I couldn’t help but offer my humble opinion.
“Oh I don’t know, a nice night of pampering on my own, without the other half under my feet… Pretty close to heaven in my book.”
I only wish I had not been wearing flip flops as the only thing that let me down was that ‘shup-plap shup-plap’ of my sandals as I walked away. Still, he didn’t say anything more and he really didn’t need to know my other half is a black and white cat.

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Foiled Again!

Sooooo… I had booked in for a Pilates class for last night. I do really enjoy Pilates,  I can do most of the stretches and movements and unlike the “Aerobics class from Hell” I went to the other day, I don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up.

Unfortunately mother nature conspired against me.  The UK has been battered by a bit of bad weather recently but last night saw 100mph winds batter the coast line and the 40 or so miles between my house and the nearest cost did little to calm it’s rage. I managed to get home from work but by that time it was just too unsafe to go out again. All of the motorways in my local area were being closed, trains simply stopped and buildings were evacuated. At about 6pm last night I heard a massive crash and went to look outside to see that all of our bins had fallen over so I just shrugged that off. Unfortunately the thing that had made them fall over were the 15 roof tiles that had come sailing off our roof! These have also damaged our neighbours house too which is just great, isn’t it?

So not a good time to be out and about.

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The Start Of Something New

I am nearly 30. There, I said it! At the end of this year I will no longer be a 20-something. While Birthdays and age have never really bothered me the fact that I will be turning 30 is very scary considering the fact that I do not feel, act or generally consider myself as being this age. I’m lazy, podgy, drink too much and spend far too much time online or watching TV.  I am single, I have bad habits and I still live with my parents and I have a single cabin bed with a desk underneath (formerly known as a den). My life needs to turn around and now is the time when that is going to happen!

For my birthday last year I got a sewing machine from my parents, and yes, I did ask for that  so I have embarked on a new hobby. Swing stuff! I work for a clothing company so I do get access to various offcuts of clothing grade fleece and fabric which I am using instead of buying stuff in while I hone my skills. So far I have made a rubbish little pouch for my Kindle (the tie ribbon fell off on the first day), a half completed shower bag for me to use at the gym made out of a shower curtain, and a nearly fished plush toy. I have big plans to make things to sell but my main bad habit, the inability to keep a room tidy for more then 5 minutes, is kinda slowing my progress.

Last year I joined Total Fitness but to be honest with you it is not working for me. The hydrotherapy pool, which is understandably designed for sports rehab, feels like it is stripping the skin off my back and I simply can’t relax there after a workout. So, I wrote off the amount I paid for my membership and upgraded to something that would suit me a bit better. I joined a country club and spa! This place is fantastic and has the best hydrotherapy and relaxation facilities as well as the most hi-tech gym facilities I have ever seen! They have treadmills and cross-trainers that have internet access so you can watch something on-line, even youtube videos, which is cool when I like listing to retro video game music when I do work out. They also have a cinema room with cross trainers and exercise bikes and this room is wonderfully air conditioned! The class rooms are fantastic and there is a wonderful restaurant and bar and even a spa attached! Definitely a lifestyle gym and not just a “Lets get sweaty” kind of place!

So stuff’s a changin’! And because people are getting tired of me going on about things I’m trying to change in my life, I’m venting here baby!

Have a nice day ^_^


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