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Note to self: the world does not revolve around you

I have never been one of those people who thinks that everything should just be given to me as soon as I ask for it. I am not selfish (at least not in a malicious way) and I will always bend over backwards to help out a friend in need (for example I drove for 3 1/2 hours once to give a friend a hug when she was especially upset over something). But there is one very insecure part of me that seems to believe every whispered comment passed on while I am in the room and every laugh that blasts out when I leave a room is about me!

I can’t help it! At work if someone leans over to someone else and whispers I automatically panic thinking that I have just done something worth commenting on. Why do I automatically feel that every move I make garners hushed commentary from people around me? I am not that important!

I walk into the gym and I can hear people thinking “what does she think she is doing here?”

I order some food and I feel people thinking “Is she really gonna eat all that?”

I go to a club (on one of those amazingly rare occasions) and I just know people are looking at me and thinking “She dances like a freak!”

I’m sure all of these people have much better things to think about than me.

I think if I could just get out of this then I may very well be able to get something done in my life!

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Posted by on April 24, 2014 in Ramblings


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